Family Fall Activities

Family Fall Activities | Mike Raisor Pre-Owned Center | Lafayette, IN

Fall is a wonderful time of year filled with fun, beautiful colors and delicious tastes and smells. If you are looking for family fall activities, here are a few to try. Many of these activities won’t cost you a cent.

Play with Leaves

There is no shortage of leaves in autumn. If your yard needs some raking, turn it into a family activity. Who doesn’t love jumping into a big pile of crunchy leaves? You can even collect some of the best-looking leaves to create a leaf collage or other craft.

Decorate a Pumpkin

Just because Halloween has passed, that doesn’t mean pumpkins are out. Get some more pumpkins and let the kids paint them or use hot glue and other craft materials to create a fall-themed pumpkin masterpiece.

Bake with Pumpkin

Nothing quite says fall like the smells of baking pumpkin cookies. Spend a Saturday whipping up all of your favorite pumpkin treats, like pumpkin bread, cookies, rolls, muffins, and more. Then, share them with your neighbors and family.

Make Thanksgiving Crafts

Make some adorable turkey hands or a colorful leaf mobile to brighten up your Thanksgiving décor.

Make Chili

A bowl full of warm, rich chili can warm you right up. Pull out your family’s favorite recipe or try something new with this chili mac recipe.

No matter how you wish to spend your Autumn, we here at Mike Raisor Pre-Owned Center hope you enjoy the festivities.

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